Thursday, April 28, 2011

# 11 Hickeys

Ever go to bingo and come back with a
hickey? Me neither.

But people do! I've heard stories. I don't know who these people are or why they do this, but hickeys are a big deal amongst the Red folk. It seems that they are a sort of status symbol, that symbol standing for being in a relationship.

Granted I was a teenager with a testosterone driven boyfriend. All he wanted to do was suck my neck.

<<<< Here's my first hickey, I framed it. Awww..."Baby's First Hickey"

HAHA!! Gross. I'm kidding. Facing the wrath of strict parents was not worth the "thrill," that was highly visible neck bruises.

Why do we like it? I don't know if this is something we necessarily like or continue to do out of habit. Every single Red person I asked said that they do not like hickeys. Those same Red people have had and/or given a hickey at some point in their pre-adult years. Therefore, it may be safe to assume that this is something most participated in by teenagers.

However!! That is not always the case. Hickey quantities also occur in places that are highly under populated by males whereby the women are more likely to be very possessive of men (Cross Lake for example...that's right I'm talkin' 'bout chu!)

This is not to say that Red women are more likely to distribute hickeys. In places where women are more likely to be available in lesser quantities it is assumed that the male provision of hickeys will increase.

Alas, no hard data is available on this as my university won't provide me with the anthropological research grant requested through my proposed thesis entitled, "Hickeys, The Lesser Understood Form of Red People Marriage Engagement."

# 11 Bingo

Okay, this is a cliche.

It's true we like the bingo. Young and old - we all go.

We start off young, playing bingo with a deck of cards for candy prizes. Regular games are 5 cent candies, jackpot is a canned Pepsi.

We slowly graduate to Granny's little bingo helper - carry her dabbers, get her treats and coffee. In return she buys you junk food and you get a three strip bingo card. Word to the wise, don't ever spill tea on your granny's bingo cards. That's not fun because she calls you a, "Damn kid!"

Finally, you're old enough to buy your own smokes and find your own ride to bingo (if you're hardcore you walk.) It's really ceremonial. At this point the regulars know you. You have a favorite caller and ticket seller. You have spot that you sit in. You always carry a bingo dabber in your purse for bingo emergencies.

But why?

It's social - tons of people around. Ya know what that means!!! You get all decked out. Shower, hair, makeup, clean (sometimes new) clothes. It great time for gossip too.

It's also anti social - you can sit alone and no one knows you. You're like a bingo playin' ninja granny! This is even sweeter if you win, because it pisses off the regulars.

They have good eats - usually jam packed full of sugar or salt, OR BOTH! There's coffee, tea and pop, cakes, sandwiches, chips, chocolate bars, bannock, baloney, or those little cakes with the coconut icing...I'm hungry.

If it's on the Rez you can smoke cigarettes. Smoking...indoors. We like that.

There's a chance of cash flow. Albeit, a slim chance, it's still there.

Break open tickets - need I say more?