Saturday, October 20, 2012

#11 Breaks

Isn't it nice that I lead by example?
Here I was telling you all about Red people likes and I had yet to provide you with a prime example of which you could be an active participant. Then I had a brainchild...wouldn't it be an interesting experiment if I, a Red person, did something that I liked and all 7 of my readers could experience it via this blog? So after 18 long months, I give you post #11, BREAKS!!

Ever work in a band office? If yes, it's a wonder you have any sense of humor or even enough soul left to access this blog after that ordeal. If no, you should go work for's great fun. *covers mouth and snickers*

I worked in the vicinity of a band office in 2005. And let me tell you, most of my experience with political, financial and caffeinated Red people comes from that 6 month stint. Here's my first day:
7:00 am wake up, drink coffee (break from sleeping), shower, coffee (break), get dressed, rock out to some Hollaback Girl (break...also don't judge me!)
8:45 am drive to office, sit in car and smoke (break)
9:00 am walk to office door, pull hard on door for several minutes, realize door is push door, push hard for several minutes, realize door is locked, sit on step (break)
9:30 am still waiting for someone with keys to arrive, smoke (break)
9:45 am someone arrives, they start talking about their hickie, or fight, or new snag or the pow wow they went to (break)
10:15 am make coffee in staff room, read paper, drink coffee (break)
11:00 am check voice mail and paper messages, go outside to smoke (break), eat apple (because it's important to be healthy)
12:00 LUNCH, food, coffee, smoke, talk (break)
repeat morning routine in the afternoon.

Okay, okay, okay. That's an exaggeration.

Most people in band offices are hard working folks trying to cut through the bureaucratic bullshit spoon fed to them on a daily basis for hundreds of years. Who wouldn't need a multitude of breaks when trying to deal with government directive and agenda pushing day in and day out? *jumps off soap box*