Sunday, April 14, 2013

#12 Hockey

I, a Red person, do not like hockey. Neither does MJ.

For me, it's because of the OBSESSION my family had with hockey. It was always on T.V. and you were not allowed to change the channel. There was always a local game and if you wanted to be cool then you went to the game.When I was younger the Winnipeg Jets were around (now they're back - still don't care) so a treat was going to an NHL game.

hockey, hockey, hockey.

You'd think I'd be down with something so closely resembling the word hickey. But no, I HATE HOCKEY!

But this is not a blog called Things Red People DO NOT Like. Amongst THAT list is asking if you can take a picture with us or touch our hair, telling us you are a Cherokee princess, dressing up and playing "Indian," and spiders - because who the f*ck likes spiders?!

The benefits of playing hockey:
Exercise, enhances communication, working as part of a team, improves self esteem (unless you suck) helps with coordination, build individual and community relationships, whiling away the cold winters, tight hockey player ass muscles...okay...I like THAT part about hockey.

I'm talking small time hockey. None of this bullsh*t that is the NHL (you make me sick professional sport divas!) And although many of Red people aspire to the NHL it's for the love of the game, not their egos - at least not initially.

Hockey is very social - it is after all a gathering. So I can see why people dig on going to a local game. In fact if I still lived on the Rez and had child in hockey I would go, just to be nosy and do some visiting.

Because of my bias I cannot do this topic justice. So I did some research for you.

Here's a TV show on First Nation Hockey. It's on APTN and I went to university with one of the coaches so I'm going to shamelessly promote for people I think are good peeps.

And here's an article about First Nation hockey in Manitoba, with a short video clip. (I love the Cochrane's Peguis accents!) I'm also from Peguis and a Cochrane, so again shameless promotion. Can I help it if I know people who are news and TV worthy?

Watching and reading these things on First Nation hockey, I get it. But I still don't like hockey. I'm just never going to. But it's a staple in many of our homes and communities and I respect what it means for so many people.

It keeps our youth in shape and out of trouble. It allows us to come together in unity by cheering for the same team. Healthy activity, positive influences and unity are things we need in our communities and those are good enough reasons for Red people to like the sport.