Sunday, November 28, 2010

# 1 Being related to people

Here's a random conversation between two Red people who just met,

"Hey, yuh. I'm from Sap." (Holla!)
"Me too yuh, 'fore I moved here. Ya know my dad, Tommy Six Toes?"
"Hey yeah I know Tommy Six Toes. He's my dad's uncles' 2nd cousin's real dad!! Heckin' how's he doing? I never'd saw ole uncle Tommy Six Toes for a long time!"
"He's good. Coffee?"

Finding out we're related to a fellow Red person makes feel connected to that person on a deeper level. Like sharing 1/16 of blood some how makes it possible for that person to understand you and impossible for them to ever hate you, all because... now you're family.

Also, we love to say "heeeeey cuzzin!" and then laugh but really we're just so damn happy to have that phrase to break the ice and stop feeling so awkward. Then we can cut through the small talk and move right along to the joking, teasing and inventing a nickname for our long lost relations.

And on that note...

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