Tuesday, November 30, 2010

# 3 Sarcasm

Some of our sarcasm operating levels are higher than others, but generally we all enjoy it. I think it is rooted in our culture. We use sarcasm and guilt to educate and guide our children.

Here's a scenario:
Little Space Cowgirl won't eat her peas, so Granny says, "Oh, well little Space Cowgirl must be saving those peas for other little Space Cowgirls in the world who don't have fresh peas that their Granny grew, picked and cooked just for her." (never happened!)

We do it to get a point across without straight up saying it, we do it to put people in their place and "help" them see the error of their ways and we do it for shits and giggles, because DAMN! sarcasm is funny.

Those whose sarcasm MO's are not as high, will not "get it" and they will have to be teased...

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