Wednesday, December 1, 2010

# 4 Teasing

Oh how we love the teasing!!!

If a Red person likes you, she will tease you. If you cry about it, she will never tease you (to your face) again...which basically means she doesn't like you anymore. Generally here's how it works;

1. We lightly tease you and then assess. Do you take it like a [Red] man? Do you spit one back at us? Do you shrivel up and die? We're watching for your reactions.

2. a) You rolled with it. So, we bring some well-timed one-liners. Anything you do is up fo teasing. Thinking of wearing that same shirt this Monday that you did last Monday? Think again because you better believe we have a secret mental list of all you weird habits.
b) You teased us back. You're cool. We're now a team. Sitting in the lunchroom with the newbie? We tease each other as a way to test the newbie.
c) You cried harassment to the head honcho. We told all our friends how bad you suck and now we tease you behind your back, exclude you from all our super awesome activities and tease you even more then use sarcasm, "ONLY KIDDING! Don't forget to tell on me now! [roll eyes]"

3. a) You lose some. You win some. But mostly you lose some and we're so proud of you because you're the guy who can take it. We like you even more if you're the white guy who can take it AND if you have to explain it to your friends (ya know, the ones that cry...)
b) We're now besties. We have nicknames, inside jokes and share! as if...share clothes! But yeah, we tight! We engage in witty banter and repartee. We still like to tease other people, but mostly we like to tease each other.
c) You quit coming around and we now call all cry babies who come after you by your name, "Pffft, you're such a Priscilla!"

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