Friday, December 3, 2010

# 6 Pronouncing things as they are spelled.

Examples: Bombardiere - BOMB-a-DEER.

We know that's not how it's pronounced and we know their snowmobiles are not actually deer bombs (but that would make our stereotyped hunter/gatherer existences interesting wouldn't it?) We say it that way because it pisses you off (see: Sarcasm.)

True Story:
"Hey, Space Cowgirl, there is a cool exhibition that I want to check out. They have a fair, a midway, a rodeo, entertainment and shows and all this different food. We should do a road trip! It looks like fun." (This is state side, not York Boat Days. Norway House HOLLA!)
"Sounds cool, where'd you hear 'bout this Dad?"
"Read it in a newspaper at work."
"Alright then, let's go. Where is it?"
"Oh, it's in Tuck-son, Arizona."
*stifled laugh* "Where Dad?"
"Ooooooh. Do you mean TOO-sahn?"
"No. I mean Tuck-son."

To this day he says Tuckson, even though he knows a little part of me dies every time he says it that way.

What I'm trying to say is that we are socialized to this from a very young age. Not only are we socialized to the literal pronunciation part, but also to the continuous mispronunciation part. Saying words incorrectly when you're around is done because we're actually putting your uppity, pious, snooty ass into place, by using both pronunciation and sarcasm to double burn you. This also goes for singing the wrong song lyrics, and calling bands, books or restaurants by the wrong, yet similar sounding name. That's right. So, the next time you point it out to a Red person, be prepared to be annoyed. Because your attempt to make things better, will actually make things worse - for you.

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