Tuesday, December 7, 2010

# 7 White Socks

To be precise; crisp and bleached, white sweat sock. With black jeans and black shoes. I think it's because we jig and you can see our fast moving feet a whole heck of a lot better. Michael Jackson ain't got nothing on us, we knew what was up long before he came along.

You can see this fashion trend at a Manitoba social. At first you can't tell because everyone is sitting down and they all kinda look the same.
But, here's how to spot a Red person who particularly likes this kind of thing:
They are decked to the nines.
Hair did, tucked in dress shirt (in any colour,) black leather jacket, black jeans or dress pants with matching black leather shoes and belt.
The men will also be wearing their shiniest watch.
The ladies will have their faces done up, be wearing ALL their rings that will match the metal hardware on their purses and belts (haha that's right ladies, we know what you're up to, see: Matching.)

OH BOY! And when the Red River Jig starts up you better back up! Because soon all you'll see is a blur of white near the floor in a sea of black (and Red :P)

My friend MJ, (not to be confused with Michael Jackson, because 1. she's a chick and B. insert obvious joke here.) Tells me that the best place to see this fashion phenomenon is in Norway House (HOLLA!) Finest white sock jiggers this side of...well...Sagkeeng anyway.
Ah, but you thought white socks served us with only one purpose did you not? Wrong. More about that later.


  1. my sister also insists the presence and maintenance offers people bragging rights on how clean their house it 'cause, hello - check out how amazingly white and bright our socks are! its all a test... lol

  2. My sister says the same thing. Bragging will be an entire post in itself as will clean floors ;)


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