Tuesday, February 8, 2011

#11 Gatherings

Below is a list of the top 10 events Red people gather for.

1. Pow Wow
2. Treaty Days (bread and cheese day in Haudenosaunee territory)
3. Birth
4. Death
5. Spiritual ceremony or celebration (other than pow wow, wedding or funeral and including other church or traditional ceremonies)
6. Weddings
7. Funerals
8. Birthdays
9. Graduation
10. Court

Here are all the reasons we like big ole get-togethers

Opportunities for:
Laughing, joking and teasing
Snagging (NOT to be done at family reunions!)
Dressing up (ironing something, new white socks, wearing makeup or buying something new to wear)
Memory Making
Moral support and empathy

Chances of:
Good times

Crying (happy tears, except for that one sickening cousin who cries about everything)
Running into someone old flames, your nemesis, or your crush
Getting a present or a surprise (gum from your auntie counts)
Witnessing a fight (argument, conflict, disagreement, otherwise just plain ole gossip making goodness)

This is embedded in our culture. As many of our nations are formerly nomadic peoples, we met during the summer season after spending the long winter months in smaller family groups. See: visiting for more information.

We are also big on celebrating individual achievements as they related to life and all it's journeys.

Get-togethers that didn't make the cut: Christian based holidays, socials, garage party, election time, Walmart, the weekend, hockey games, yard sales


  1. I'd like to add a very honourable mention to berry picking. Some of the best gathering happens when gathering! haha - Yep, I totally went there. Anyway, them blueberry, raspberry and the oh so tasty but tiny wild strawberry picking sessions spent with my granny shooing away bears who just want to snack too (OK, so it happened only once but its worth mentioning at every possible opportunity because it was so scary!) and my beautiful aunties and all my cousins are some of the best days of my life! AND as an added bonus, you get berry mashed into condensed milk at the end of the day. Awesome. Definitely.

  2. award so mentioned :)
    and well done on the word play!

    I'm sure that bear was terrified of your granny. Cree grannies mean business when picking berries, cleaning fish or digging roots.


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