Saturday, February 5, 2011

#11 Laughing when people fall

I just noticed, the most recent posts go on forever, guess I'm long winded. Kinda like Grandpa Simpson. And he's also the reason I'm a history major...haha. But if I live through some amazing history, I hope I can one day tell stories like that old man. Speaking of stories, here's some...

The year has just started and I've already fallen down. Thanks be that Mo' and Salim were there to laugh at me because laughing at yourself is just not as fun alone.

Last year I fell down three times. And wickedly I might add.

1. I was crossing the street with my backpack on. Yeh know, just another Red girl on a university campus trying to get some education. I was just stepping up onto the curb when... BAM! Flat on my face! Skinned knuckles, bruised knee, busted ego! I tried to put my hands out to save myself, but they were holding onto my backpack straps. My leg was cramped so I couldn't even stand up! I just rolled onto my side. This new Canadian saw me and started calling "MA'AM, MA'AM You OK Ma'am?" Insult to injury?? Cars honked. Make it worse?? A friend's Red boyfriend saw me and put it on his Facebook status, I think he got something like eighteen likes. Brutal.

2. I was walking to my car; it was winter. Yeh know, just another Red girl leaving a place of higher learning. I slipped on some ice so, I put my arms out to balance myself - as any normal person would. My silver ring flew off my finger and hit the side of a building. **TING** More concerned about the ring than my dignity, I launched at it. BAM! Hello hard, dirty, sidewalk! Although I can't be positive, I'm sure the Red lady walking towards me thought I looked like a dog on roller skates, or whatever stupid looking thing she thinks is hilarious. And to silver ring. She probably put it on her Facebook status, I imagine it went something like this, "Just saw an awesome looking chick slip on ice. That was so damn funny. I wish she was my best friend. I'm lonely." Haha - Ok...more like, "Saw stupid woman fall for no reason - check out my secret video here!"

3. I fell down three stairs at the university. While two guys watched. And Laughed. Then called me "sister" as in "HOO WAH okay?" (I think the sister part is more embarrassing - so I've never told anyone that until now.) Not only was I literally RED in the face, but I broke my shoe, and hurt myself. But being laughed at made it easier...well at least it made a good story (for them, I guess.)
Guy #1 "Dudes, dudes...We were at the university yesterday when this chick fell down the stairs!! AHHH MAN! Dumb chick, tryna be cool...HAhahahaaa...aaah...she had nice shoes."
Guy #2 "For real! Three stairs! Straight down. Yeah, her shoes were nice."
What?! Those shoes were gorgeous! Those guys totally noticed.

Ugh. So all I have to say is, yes I fell down and lost my dignity (First time ever! I swear!) But it was made so much easier by the people who laughed - who may I add were all Red people.

So, why do we laugh when someone falls down?

For most of us, it goes back to when we were babies just learning to walk. Babies learning to walk, fall. But, instead of getting hysterical and yelling "OOOOOOOH!!" and scooping the kid up, we just sit there and laugh. The kid then realizes that it didn't get hurt and they pick themselves up and carry on. *If they keep crying - then maybe they hurt themselves, so we investigate, but this usually isn't the case.

As adults, the vast majority of us can walk. And we're all very good at it, after all we've been doing it for years right? There's really no reason to fall down. And that's why it's funny. There's no reason behind it. The person who fell is just stupid. And stupidity is funny.


  1. It's March now, and I fell down yesterday. Going up stairs this time. No one was there to laugh :(
    I must have really looked dumb - wearing my leather jacket and kick ass Cons...lame.

  2. Oh and why all 11 from now on?? soooo curious!

  3. haha because TMF told me that I had two 11 posts back in January. I knew it would drive her a little crazy >)

  4. Hahahaha. people falling down hahahaha. One time I was in Alberta skiing near the last day of the season and there was a giant puddle beside the giant lineup waiting for the chair lift. Anyway some drunken idiot wearing jeans comes skiing in out of control, and in trying to cut the line falls down into the biggest puddle right on his ass. And I start laughing my ass off, HOWEVER all around me are people looking aghast that I should be so brazen and uncivilized as to laugh at this drunken jean wearing skiing idiot. So I say out loud to the laugh police onlookers “ that shit is funny, so I laugh. If you saw that on America’s funniest home videos you would laugh. So laugh." And another time I laaghed when a horse jumper got thrown off onto a jump as the horse just stood there saying "fuck you, do it yourself this time" and all the stuck up horse riding people again were apalled at my laughing and stared at me but I think it was the best part of the horrid world of horse jumping. Wish you guys had been there. You'd of laughed AND pointed. No facebook back then though!

  5. yeah! falling down and getting sopping wet! i would have laughed and pointed! and then told people to lighten up. and anyone who get's burned by animal whether they fall down or not, deserves to be laughed at :)


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